Along the populated front-range region just outside of Denver, Colorado there is a battle taking place, all of which is tied to the now defunct nuclear facility, Rocky Flats Plant.  Rocky Flats: Legacy is an expose of the untold story of Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant and the contamination, death, and cover-ups caused as a result of the plant’s nuclear weapons production.

Plutonium ButtonFor years, former nuclear workers from Rocky Flats have been fighting to obtain compensation for, what they claim are, work-related illnesses including cancer, beryllium disease, and other chronic illnesses.  For years the workers have waited.  Many have gone bankrupt from medical bills that continued to pile up in the absence of compensation.  Many have died before they could ever see justice done.

At one time, however, there was hope.  In 2000, the government finally acknowledged that workers from Rocky Flats and most other nuclear facilities around the country were “put at risk without their knowledge and consent”.  A program to compensate them for their illnesses was established.  However, the program turned out to be an underfunded, under-scrutinized, and unresponsive bureaucracy.  It has become clear the government is more interested in saving money than helping these sick workers.  Rocky Flats: Legacy documents a group of former Rocky Flats workers who are currently fighting for their lives, as well as those who have died waiting for help.



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